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The Food of China update
Update to the book the Food of China by E. N. Anderson

China South of the Clouds
Traveling and Cooking in China's Yunnan Province

Sichuan Higher Institute of Cuisine

Wine Travel Stories (Wine in Turpan, China)

Tea Trekker

Chinese Flowering Tea - Artistic Display and Flowery Flavor

Dim Sum Central
Dim sum ordering guide.

The Daily Bubble Tea

Phat in Shanghai

Selby's Food Corner

Learn Chinese Online

Chinaknowledge: Chinese History Encyclopaedia

How to Cook Fantastic Food

Banyan Bird Nest

Banyan Stingless Bee Honey

China Escapade
Travel agency offering private and customized China Tours.

Asian Horizons Tours

China tours from The China Travel Company

China Tours

Nat Decants Delicious wine picks & pairings

Cruising Ashiki
Sailing and living on a junk rig schooner. Follow Gary and Susie King's seafaring adventures aboard a unique boat they built themselves.

Tips for expats living in China: day to day tips for living in China, learn Chinese, good chinese textbook, homemade Chinese food recipes, famous Chinese literature, and more.

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Featured Chinese Food Recipe
How to make Asian steamed rice  

Hot and Sour Soup 酸辣湯

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Chinese Food, the World's Most Popular

By virtue of being the choice of 1.3 billion people, Chinese cuisine is certainly the world's most popular cuisine. But the popularity of Chinese food extends way beyond China's frontiers. Twenty-three million Taiwanese also sustain themselves on Chinese food. The 35 million ethnic Chinese settled in far flung locales … more

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