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Chinese Food Facts (and opinion)



Is Chop Suey Chinese or American?


Are Chinese Really Rice Eaters?

Chinese Always Eat Long Grain Rice: True or False?

Rice, the World's Plainest Food?

China Rice Production and Exports

Chinese Tea  

When did Tea Arrive in Europe from China?


Soybean: a Native of China

Soybean, the World’s Largest Source of Cooking Oil

Soybeans: Protein Rich

Soybeans: Why We Don't Eat Them Like Other Beans

Soy and Health


The Origin of Chopsticks

Chopsticks: How Chinese Use Them

Chopsticks, 'Chinese Tongs'

The Wok, More Than Just a Stir Fryer



Featured Chinese Food Recipe
How to make Chinese water spinach recipe  
Featured Chinese Food Snippets

Food-related Chinese Inventions

2000 BC Noodles (made from millet)
1500 BC Fish Farming (carp in ponds)
1100 BC Strong Ale (e.g. rice wine)
600 BC The Iron Plough, Roe Cultivation & Intensive Hoeing
400 BC Cast Iron
200 BC The Rotary Winnowing Fan … read more

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