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China food trail
Read about my trip to Xinjiang, Gansu, and Hangzhou.
Rice Dumplings in Bamboo Leaves (zong zi)  

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Chinese Food Cooking Tips Some basic pointers picked up along the culinary way.

Taipei restaurant  

Taipei Restaurants
Eating Guide.

Chinese food quotations  

The Last Word
Chinese Food Quotations. Wisdom and wit on Chinese food from China and elsewhere.

Taiwan rice wine, cooking alcohol   Taiwanese Cuisine
A hundred miles from the Chinese mainland lies Taiwan. Most simply described, the cuisine of this mountainous island on the edge of the Pacific is Chinese, with some significant Japanese influences.
Chinese pigs, pork  

China, A Nation of Pork Eaters
Pigs were among the first animals domesticated for food in ancient times, and all through their history Chinese have been dedicated eaters of swine flesh.

Chinese tea cup  

A Tea Primer
An introduction to Chinese tea.

Chinese tea can  

Tea History
A potted history of the leaf.


Great Leftovers
The Humble Origin of Fried Rice.


Soy Story
From wild vine to soy burger; it's been a long and interesting journey for the soybean.

Tofu & soybeans  

Chinese Soy Product List
There is a vast variety of basic soy products that Chinese use in their cooking. Here are some of them, in English and Chinese.

smelly tofu, beancurd  

Deliciously Malodorous
Chinese stinky tofu: love it or hate it, there's no ignoring it.

Bizarre Food Taiwan China  

Bizarre Foods Taiwan
I was a guest on this Travel Channel program. Watch the episode here.

Bizarre Food Taiwan  

Bizarre Foods Taiwan, Behind the Scenes
A day on location filming the Bizarre Foods tv program in Taipei with Andrew Zimmern.


Chinese Food History Timeline
Chronology of Chinese cuisine through the ages.

Chinese delicacy  

Chinese Dynasties Timeline
A list of the Chinese Dynasties.














Featured Chinese Food Recipe
Steamed fish recipe  

Steamed Fish

Featured Chinese Food Snippets

The True Origin of Kiwifruit

Although its name strongly suggests a New Zealand origin, the kiwifruit is in fact, native to China's Yangtze Valley. Until midway through the 20th century, the fruit was known as Chinese gooseberry. Once a commercial industry was developed in New Zealand, fruit growers apparently decided that … read more

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